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KG Mobility is the new name of the famous South Korean automaker SsangYong. The name of the brand was officially changed in 2023, after its acquisition by KG Group. Apart from the new name, the brand got a completely rethought visual identity and general concept.

Meaning and history

SsangYong Motor has been owned by Mahindra & Mahindra Corporation of India since 2011. After the pandemic of 2019, the South Korean automobile brand SsangYong started having financial difficulties, just like many other automakers.

In 2022 the brand was bought by KG Group, and several months later, SsangYong was officially renamed KG Mobility. The reborn South Korean SUV brand promises to focus on electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology, and artificial intelligence.

KG Group’s core business is the production of chemical fertilizers, steel, and environmentally friendly materials for various industries. The group also owns a chain of coffee shops and fast food outlets, produces meat products and is engaged in logistics, education, consulting, modern payment systems, construction, recycling of end-of-life batteries, and media business.

According to a statement, KG Mobility plans to expand its activities well beyond traditional automotive manufacturing and sales by becoming a mobility firm, as emphasized in its name.

This is not the first global rebranding for the company. It started in 1954 as Dong-hwan Motor, from the mid-60s to the mid-80s was known as Shinjin Motor and Dong-A Motor, the name SsangYong received in 1988, and now it will be called KG Mobility.

What is KG Mobility?
KG Mobility is the new name of SsangYong Motors, a South Korean automaker, which was acquired by the KG Group in 2022. The rebranded company aims to focus on innovations and artificial intelligence.

In terms of visual identity, the KG Mobility logo has nothing in common with the  SsangYong badge. The new insignia is pretty simple in its shape and composition but has a very intense and juicy color palette, which adds distinction and energy.

2023 – Today

KG Mobility Logo

The KG Mobility logo, introduced in 2023, is composed of purple uppercase lettering in a laconic geometric sans-serif typeface, with the “KG” part slightly enlarged. The inscription is accompanied by a colorful emblem, which looks like an arrowhead, pointing to the left and having its peak cut straight. The emblem is drawn in yellow, orange, purple and fuchsia

Font and color

KG Mobility Emblem

The bold and stable inscription from the primary badge of the KG Mobility brand is set in a geometric sans-serif typeface, which is pretty close to such fonts as Sequel Sans Headline Bold, or Helvetica Now Display ExtraBold, with the characters in “Mobility” slightly narrowed.

As for the color palette of the KG Mobility visual identity, it consists of several shades of purple, fuchsia, yellow, and orange. All these colors make up a very dynamic and vivid image, representing the creativity and innovative approach of the automaking brand.