Subaru Logo

Subaru Logo
The Subaru brand appeared after the Second World War when the car industry became for Japan literally one of the principle areas of application of economic power and economic realization. The military industry was eliminated, but thanks to the car industry it became possible to create both jobs and the product that quickly reached the level at which its quality throughout the world became a household name.

Meaning and history

Subaru Logo history

The brand name Subaru was suggested by the owner of the parent company Fuji Heavy Industries, Kenji Quit. Even a contest was held for this purpose. The name Subaru was chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a Japanese word. More than that, it sounds quite euphonious in other languages as well, which subsequently made it possible to enter the international market.
Secondly, this word has a lot of deep meanings of which the Japanese are great lovers. Thirdly, this word stands for the Pleiades (a star cluster in Taurus constellation) which are a complex structure the greater part of which is not visible to the naked eye.
Even initially the logo was an oval, arranged horizontally, with six stars within it that were connected with lines. By that means the creators of the logo wanted to emphasize that the matter was just the constellation.

The Subaru brand owes its name to the director of Fuji Heavy Industries (parent company), Kenji Quit. Being oriented to the realization of the national idea in production, he certainly wished “a Japanese name for the Japanese car”. He even initiated a competition for the best name. As a result of this competition the name Subaru was chosen (this is the way the Japanese call the Pleiades constellation).
It would be interesting to know that in a verbatim translation the very name of the brand sounds like “getting together”. It is necessary to take into consideration the prehistory of the brand (the merge of six companies) so as to understand the additional meanings of the brand.

Surprisingly, but at first it was planned to place not only the stars visible to the naked eye (the Pleiades are part of Taurus constellation that has its own name), but also invisible (there are more than 200 of them). However, later it was decided to come to nothing more than six. Moreover, Fuji Heavy Industries was created by merging six companies.
Later on the stars were separated, but then joined together again, this time not with additional lines, but with their own rays in pairs.


Subaru symbol
The symbolism of the logo, as it has already been mentioned above, is the visible Pleiades (6 stars), that is 6 companies merged into Fuji Heavy Industries which actually became a mother company for the brand. The blue background simultaneously performs the functions of the symbolic “sky” and “sea” (“the reflection of stars in the sea water makes them more accessible”, as one of the popular Japanese sayings says about the necessity to set ambitious but achievable goals).
As for the joining the stars on the logo in pairs, it means both cooperation with the partners of the company and cooperation with customers.


Emblem Subaru
When choosing the basic form of the emblem, designers deliberately moved away from the heraldic structure which is more familiar to the Europeans, as well as from a perfect circle. It is an oval, stretched horizontally, that has a special significance for Japanese culture. It is both harmony and stability (including respect for the best traditions) and yearning for perfection. Indeed, the Subaru logo, precisely because of its form, turned out to be as informative as possible for the target group ‒ the eastern consumer.
What concerns the placement of the stars on the logo, originally it repeated the location of the brightest stars of the Pleiades constellation. Now it has been changed to suit the rules of design.  A whole segment on the left side of the logo was allocated for the brightest star, while the others are concentrated on the right side.


The function of the font in the Subaru logo is to emphasize the symbolic image and make the information about the name clear for the consumer in the most comfortable way. Even those who are not familiar with this brand can easily read the font used in this design structure. The thickness of all the lines is the same, and this fact definitely indicates to Japanese consumers that the name has a secondary meaning (the thickness of any hieroglyph is variable, and therefore at the symbolic level the font used for Latin letters emphasizes the European consumer focus). It is the image that is primary and carries the most important information, including symbolic information.


Color Subaru Logo
In the logo the main color is blue. On the one hand, it is the color associated with the sky, on the other hand ‒ with water. In addition, blue was interpreted in Japanese culture as a mystical, supernatural color.
The second most important color is white. It is the color of light and the sun, an imperial color.
Black, used for the font, mostly appeals to European culture, and symbolically refers to aristocracy and dignity.