Indianapolis Indians Logo

Indianapolis Indians Logo

The baseball team Indianapolis Indians has had a number of emblems throughout their more than 115-year history, the most recent of which was introduced in 1995.

Meaning and history

Indianapolis Indians Logo history

The Indianapolis Indians were established in 1902. The club belongs to Minor League Baseball and has the status of the Triple-A affiliate of the Major League’s team Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Indianapolis Indians Symbol

Throughout most of its history, the Indianapolis Indians logo has been focusing on the “Indian” theme, in one form or another. For instance, the 1969 emblem featured a side view of the head of an Indian wearing an ethnic headdress. The palette consisted of blue, red, and white.

The logo introduced in 1985 sported a cartoonish Indian in black and white. The character was going to throw a baseball.


Indianapolis Indians Emblem

Eventually, in 1995, the team unveiled a fundamentally new emblem featuring a Navaho quilt pattern. While the pattern forms a Native American’s face, it looks far better than the stereotypical images of the past.


Indianapolis Indians baseball logo

The Indianapolis Indians logo comprises the following colors: red, black, silver, yellow, and white. The palette looks bright and eye-catching helping to create the “Native American” feel.