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SafeMoon is a cryptocoin launched in 2021 by John Karony, a specialist working in the US Department of Defense in the past. SafeMoon works on the basis of Binance Smart Chain. It demands a fee of 10% of all financial operations, with half of it spread back to coin holders and another half sent into wallets of coin holders as another currency, Binance Coin. After its realese, SafeMoon’s valuation grew rapidly – it peaked on August 6, 2021, when the coin’s price was $330,741,074.

Meaning and history

The coin entered into circulation in March 2021. Its motto, ‘safely to the Moon’, and  its name derive from a proverb ‘to the Moon’, standing for ‘to skyrocket in price’. During its first months of activity, SafeMoon conducted a large advertisement campaign, presenting itself across the world and partnering with popular YouTubers or social media influencers.

Due to these activities, SafeMoon received a reputation as a meme coin, and grew in price. In September and October 2021, they’ve launched a wallet app on Android and IOS respectively. In December, they’ve released the Version 2, updated software for the coin, having enforced security algorithms and other fixes.

Now, SafeMoon has an intention to develop its own blockchain and coin exchange platform.

What is SafeMoon?
SafeMoon is an American cryptocoin developed by John Korody in March 2021. It’s a currency which operates on Binance Smart Blockchain platform, demanding a fee of 10% of every operation with SafeMoon. 5% of this fee is reflected to token holders, and the other 5% is directed into the pockets of SafeMoon shareholders in Binance Coin. Due to the ad campaign, conducted via YouTubers, Internet influencers, and meme channels on Reddit or Twitter, SafeMoon received a reputation as a humouristic coin, along with Shiba Inu or Doge Coin. This hype gave a boost to the coin – its peak was in August 2021, when the price was $330,741,074.

2021 – today

SafeMoon Logo

The SafeMoon logotype shows us a corkscrew figure with three semicircles coming out of lines and one circle placed on the figure itself. This helix flows into the center, where it forms a signature looking like a shield. Inside the emblem, there is a small ‘t’ character, placed below a rocket silhouette.


SafeMoon Emblem

On their primary logotype, you will not find any words. But in some brand images, they write the nameplate using a futuristic typeface with capitalized sans-serif letters. The symbols themselves are wide and angular. The ‘safe’ part is bolder than the ‘moon’ portion of the name. On the Internet, you can find many other unofficial logotypes and images, which were highlighted by the brand service of SafeMoon.


SafeMoon Symbol

In the coloring palette of the SafeMoon coin brand identity, you can find gradient shades. There is one general logotype, which is gradient blue and white, and four additional ones. Their coloring can be black slightly sliding to white, yellow to white, pink to white, or even the logo can use a bouquet consisting of violet, dark and bright blue, white, green, yellow, and red, all in one helix.

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