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Binance is the name of the largest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchange platform, which was established in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. Binance is an infrastructure provider for the cryptocurrency industry and includes a digital asset trading exchange.

Meaning and history

Binance is one of the loudest names on the cryptocurrency market today. The largest online trading platform for exchange and storage tokens has a perfect reputation and provides its users with all the possible tools for trading coins. The crypto-wallet is designed with convenience and transparency in mind, so every user (no matter whether he is new to cryptocurrency or not) will feel confident here.
The number of registered Binance users is close to the twenty million mark, and the average daily trading volume of the platform is almost four billion USD.

What is Binance?
Binance is the world’s largest and most famous cryptocurrency trade platform, which was created in 2017. The platform provides its users with a secure wallet to store and trade crypto. Binance is easy to use, hence is loved by “crypto-rookies” as well as by people, who are more involved in the industry.

In terms of visual identity, the cryptocurrency trading platform chooses geometrical shapes and stable figures. All the playfulness and energy of the Binance logo is in its color, while the contours and weight of other elements stand for confidence, security, and professionalism.

2017 — Today

Binance logo

The Binance logo, designed in 2017, is composed of a strict yet very modern laconic emblem, and a stable and powerful uppercase logotype set under it. The emblem of the platform looks minimalist and laconic, composed of triangles and rhombuses, forming one big rhombus in yellow and white.

As for the wordmark, written in all capitals, it uses a bold sans-serif typeface with distinct contours of the letters and straight cuts of the lines. The font, used in the Binance logo is very similar to Lost & Foundry FS Cattle and Hops and Barley Clean 3b. There is enough air between the letters to make the heavy inscription look lighter.

Another thing, that makes the Binance logo look light and cool is its color palette. All the elements of the badge are executed in bright yellow, with some cut-out details on the emblem, which always share the color with the background, where the badge is placed. Yellow is the symbol of energy and happiness, and it also evokes a feeling of progress and movement, which suits the platform and its purpose better than anything else.