SBI Logo

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SBI Logo
There are at least four possible explanations of the blue roundel symbol, which is the main part of the SBI logo. The interpretations do not exclude one another.

Meaning and History logo

SBI Logo history

The earliest logo was introduced in 1955. It depicted an outline of a Banyan tree encircled by the company name in English and Indian. The tree was chosen as a symbol of growth and stability, as it is known for its extremely strong roots and branches. Yet, the original logo was often criticized as the Banyan tree symbol has also negative connotations because it doesn’t let any other plants grow in its vicinity.

The 1971 symbol

SBI symbol
In the fall of 1971, a new logotype was adopted, on which all the following versions have been based so far. The introduction of the logotype took place during the ceremony of the inauguration of the bank’s Central Office building in Bombay. The emblem was created by Shekhar Kamat. The main design element of the logo was a blue circle shape with a white gap.
One of the four possible interpretations suggests that the bigger circle symbolizes the bank as a whole, while the white circle symbolizes the client.
Other designers point out that the gap looks very similar to a keyhole, while the blue circle can be interpreted as a lock – a very old and common symbol for security and safety. In this case, the overall design may imply that the clients’ money is perfectly safe in the SBI.
Also, the smaller circle may represent an SBI office, while the white line is the street leading to it. At last, the logo might have been inspired by the Kankaria Lake situated in Ahmedabad, the city where the author of the logo studied design (Shekhar Kamat graduated from National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad).


SBI emblem
The core symbol of the State Bank of India logo has preserved virtually unchanged, yet the logotype itself went through an overhaul in 2017. Instead of the full name of the bank, the “SBI” abbreviation is used in dark blue or white.


The modern sans serif typefaces chosen for the SBI logo has been heavily modified to convey the idea of “weight and heighten the institutional feel,” as the company’s official brief puts it. The geometric typeface boasts decent legibility and works well at greater distances. The distinctive feature of the wordmark is the gap in the letter “B,” which is supposed to create a visual harmony between the lettering and the emblem (which also has a gap).


SBI symbol color
While the light shade of blue has been featured in the State Bank of India logo for several decades, the 2017 logo version adds a darker shade of blue and reduces the use of white. The combination of two shades of blue looks somewhat reminiscent of the color palettes used by digital banks and wallets like PayPal or PayTM, because of which SBI has been facing a tough time.