Bank of America logo

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bank america logo
Bank of America is among top financial corporations in the USA. It was founded in 1904 by Amadeo Giannini, and its first name was “the Bank of Italy”. It changed name in 1930.

Logo history

Bank of America logo history

The bank’s first logo of 1969 was its name written in caps followed by the stylized “BA” acronym: the letter “B” overlapped the “A”. The acronym was written in a larger and bolder font. In 1980, the design was changed: the bank’s name moved below the acronym, and it featured upper- and lowercase letters. The acronym retained its original shape. The logo was used until 1998.


bank america symbol
The current Bank of America Logo has been in use since 2001. It was accepted after the bank’s reorganization. The logo depicts the bank’s name written in blue and features a pattern of blue and red stripes on the right. The choice of colors was to emphasize the bank’s significance for the nation, as it clearly hints at the color palette used in the USA national flag. There is an opinion that the logo works well because it meets the patriotic feelings of Americans. This has to be the main reason why the bank has reached so big a success both in the USA and abroad.