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Comerica Incorporated is the largest U.S. commercial bank in Texas. The company was established in Detroit in 1849, while it is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Meaning and history

Comerica Logo history

Comerica Incorporated is a U.S.-based financial services company, which was established in the middle of the 19th century. Today Comerica has grown into a large company, which has almost 600 branches across the United States and Mexico.

The operating divisions of Comerica include a business bank, a retail bank, and asset management. The business bank provides a variety of credit and other financial services to firms of all sizes. The retail bank provides customized financial products and services to clients.

The main activity of the Company is lending and accepting deposits from legal entities and individuals.


Comerica Logo old

The original Comerica logo was composed of a solid blue trapezoidal banner, stretched horizontally and having its contours rounded. The banner has an internal white outline, which supported the stylized white lettering, written across the badge in a custom serif typeface with the first and the last letters of the wordmark capitalized.

2022 – Today

Comerica logo

The shape featured in the Comerica logo can be described as a trapezium with rounded corners. The trapezium is blue with two outlines: a white one and a blue one. In the center, there is the lettering “Comerica Bank.” The company also uses a shorter version of the logo. Here, the word “Bank” has been removed, while the lettering “Comerica” is positioned in the middle of the trapezium.

What makes the design unique is the customized elements in the type. To begin with, the letters “C” and “A” (the initial and the final glyphs) are larger than all the rest. They spread beyond the line both up and down, which is unusual. Interestingly, this approach has not been used for the initial of the word “Bank.”


Comerica emblema

A consistent brand identity is obviously ideal for an organization working in just any industry, but it is especially important in finance. Comerica uses its logo as a basis for the ads and seamlessly incorporates it into the website design.


Comerica simbolo

While the type is highly customized, it appears to be based on a rather generic serif font. This can be clearly seen in the full version of the logo. While the custom letters in the word “Comerica” make even the standard glyphs look unusual, the word “Bank” is made up of simple letters with serifs that do not appear to have anything special about them.



The only color featured in the Comerica logo, apart from the white, is a dark, saturated shade of blue close to the color of the midnight sky (PMS: 294C, Hex: #002F6C, RGB: (0, 47, 108)). The list of companies using a similar (although not exactly the same) palette includes Ford Motor Company, Packaging Corporation of America, and Schlumberger.