Wells Fargo Logo

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Wells Fargo Logo
The six-horse stagecoach has been the enduring symbol of Wells Fargo, one of the most known international banking and financial services holding companies in the US. Although currently the primary Wells Fargo logo is the wordmark on the red background, the stagecoach is still widely used.

Meaning and History logo

Wels fargo logo history

The stagecoach logotype reminds of the company’s roots.
Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 to provide express and banking services. For almost seven decades, it delivered packages by several means of transport, from steamship to trains. Although transportation industry was developing at a high speed, the stagecoach was still one of the most important means used by the express delivery system. Originally, the company hired stagecoaches from independent proprietors, then switched to its own stagecoaches, and eventually became the world’s largest known stagecoach empire. Today, the company operates 11 history museums, where all kinds of stagecoaches play a prominent role.

Stagecoach Emblem

Wells Fargo emblem
Taking into consideration the part the stagecoach played in the company’s business historically, it was only natural to build the logo around this symbol. The current corporate logo is the painting created by classical illustrator John Rush. It can be given either in full color, or in black and white. To make a strong brand statement, stagecoach photography can be used.

Primary symbol

wells Fargo symbol
Although the historical emblem is meaningful and distinctive, it looks a bit dated in the modern world of minimalistic, sleek logos. To make things worse, it is difficult to deal with in both print and digital media.
So, in 2008, the company adopted a simpler logotype based on its two-lined wordmark. The name of the company in yellow is placed in a red square.
wells Fargo bank logo
When the square logo was introduced, it caused a huge uproar in the industry, as red and yellow were not seen as appropriate for a financial institution – they were too lively and bright. In the cause of time, though, everyone got used to the combination.


Font Wells Fargo Logo
The clear serif typeface featured on the Wells Fargo logo belongs to the font family called Arsher. Arsher is a combination of two font styles: Antiques and Geometrics.


Color Wells Fargo Logo
In the official brand guidelines, Wells Fargo mentions the two-color (yellow and red) logo as the preferred option. Here, the lettering is yellow (close to hex: #FFFF00), while the background is red (close to hex: #CD1309).