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The Reddit logo, named Snoo, may look a bit dated, but it is recognizable and can be easily modified according to the topic of a discussion.

Meaning and history

Reddit Logo history

The logo was created by Alexis Ohanian, the company’s co-founder, during a marketing class. He was just bored and started drawing in the margins of his notebook. As soon as he came home that night, he created a digital version of the image.

What is theReddit logo?
The logo of the popular online platform Reddit features a combination of a graphical symbol and lowercase lettering, executed in an orange, black and white color palette. The emblem of Reddit is a Snoo alien with a funky antenna coming out of its head. The creature is drawn in white over a solid orange circle, supported by a solid orange dot above the “I”.

2005 – 2017

Reddit Logo 2005
The original logo for Reddit was created in 2005 by Alexis Ohanian. And this is when the Snoo, the brand’s mascot was first introduced. The initial concept included a white alien contoured in black with its circular eyes colored orange. The emblem was placed on the left from the smooth and narrowed sans-serif lettering in the lowercase, which was written in a black rounded sans-serif typeface. The dot above the letter “I” was white and featured a thick black outline.

2017 – 2023

Reddit Logo 2017

The redesign of 2017 emboldened the elements of the logo and added a modern feeling to the Reddit visual identity. The new logo boasts a solid orange circle with the white Snoo head drawn on it. The years and moth of the alien are colored oranges as well as for the lettering, its typeface was also refined, and the letters got fuller and a bit wider. The dot above the “I” got slightly enlarged and is now colored orange.

2023 – Today

Reddit Logo

The logo is instantly recognizable as the visual representation of Reddit, the popular social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. The logo features the Reddit mascot, affectionately known as “Snoo,” a minimalistic, alien-like figure with a rounded head, pointy ears, and antenna capped with a dot, suggesting its otherworldly origin. Snoo’s face is simplistic, with two orange-red eyes and a curved, friendly smile, encapsulated within an orange speech bubble that signifies the social and communicative nature of the platform. To the right of Snoo, the brand name “reddit” is written in a lower-case, sans-serif, bold font, colored in the same vibrant orange, representing enthusiasm and a sense of community. The stark white of Snoo’s figure and the text stands out vividly against the orange, ensuring high visibility and impact. The design captures the essence of Reddit as a place for conversation and exchange of ideas among a vast community of users from across the globe.

Elements of the symbol

symbol Reddit Logo

  1. The antenna emphasizes that Snoo is an alien capable of travelling in time and space.
  2. The Reddit mascot is neither a man nor a woman. Ohanian believed that there was no need to choose a particular gender as sex would not mean too much in the world of the future.
  3. The red color of the eyes is what makes Snoo stand out among any other alien logos. No matter how much the mascot is changed, this feature stays the same.

Interesting facts about the emblem

emblem Reddit Logo

The name of the mascot – Snoo – was not chosen entirely by chance. In fact, this word is shorthand for “what’s new?”, which brings us very close to the main purpose of the project.

Ohanian explained that there had been no particular reason why he had opted for an alien, he had just wanted to design a recognizable mascot. Also, he mentioned that he had wanted the logo to look a bit futuristic so as to make sure the project would last.


The Reddit Icon is based on the company’s mascot image, drawn in thick white lines and placed on a solid flat circle, colored in red-orange, to support the “Red” part of the service’s name.

The Reddit mascot from the icon is a famous alien, called Snoo. Snoo has been there for years but became the official icon of Reddit not from the first day. In the beginning, it was just an unofficial website’s mascot. But he instantly became too popular among the users of the service, and the design team decided to include it into the official visual identity concept.

The team hired artists to draw a new Snoo. They tried to maintain the original proportions, keeping the hand-drawn aesthetic but adding three-dimensionality to the character. So Snoo from the icon has a head like a soccer ball, a crooked antenna, a wide smile, and a pair of orange-red eyes.

Snoo appears on the revamped site as an icon in the corners and in a new “Snoomoji” set that users can apply in chats and messages.

Reddit icon 1Reddit icon 2Reddit icon 3Reddit icon 4Reddit icon 5


Font Reddit Logo

The typeface has undergone quite a few changes. According to Alexis Ohanian, the first draft featured a bold all-cap font looking pretty solid. The four versions that followed looked clearer, with the tendency of getting rid of capital letters. There are no capital letters at all in the last version.


Color Reddit Logo

The black line drawing creates an excellent visual contrast with the white background. It emphasizes the mascot’s graphical quality while giving almost no colorful details, with the notable exception of the red eyes. To be precise, the ff4500 shade of orange-red is used.

Can I use the Reddit logo?
You can not use the Reddit logo without special permission from the company, as the emblem of the service is copyrighted. Currently, the Reddit badge can only be used by the platform’s partners and should be depicted following all of Brandon’s guidelines.

What is the Reddit logo called?
The white creature from the Reddit emblem is called Snoo. The alien is depicted with a smiling face and a broken antenna, bent to the right, which adds playfulness and friendliness to the simple black lettering.

How did Reddit get its logo?
The Reddit badge was created by the founder of the platform, Alexis Ohanian, during marketing class. He drew it out of boredom, but then saw that this might have become a real symbol and signifier for Reddit.


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