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The Reddit logo, named Snoo, may look a bit dated, but it is recognizable and can be easily modified according to the topic of a discussion.

Meaning and history Reddit Logo

history Reddit Logo

The logo was created by Alexis Ohanian, the company’s co-founder, during a marketing class. He was just bored and started drawing in the margins of his notebook. As soon as he came home that night, he created a digital version of the image.

Elements of the symbol Reddit Logo

symbol Reddit Logo

  1. The antenna emphasizes that Snoo is an alien capable of travelling in time and space.
  2. The Reddit mascot is neither a man nor a woman. Ohanian believed that there was no need to choose a particular gender as sex would not mean too much in the world of the future.
  3. The red color of the eyes is what makes Snoo stand out among any other alien logos. No matter how much the mascot is changed, this feature stays the same.

Interesting facts about the emblem Reddit Logo

emblem Reddit Logo

The name of the mascot – Snoo – was not chosen entirely by chance. In fact, this word is shorthand for “what’s new?”, which brings us very close to the main purpose of the project.

Ohanian explained that there had been no particular reason why he had opted for an alien, he had just wanted to design a recognizable mascot. Also, he mentioned that he had wanted the logo to look a bit futuristic so as to make sure the project would last.

Font of the Reddit Logo

Font Reddit Logo

The typeface has undergone quite a few changes. According to Alexis Ohanian, the first draft featured a bold all-cap font looking pretty solid. The four versions that followed looked clearer, with the tendency of getting rid of capital letters. There are no capital letters at all in the last version.

Color of the Reddit Logo

Color Reddit Logo

The black line drawing creates an excellent visual contrast with the white background. It emphasizes the mascot’s graphical quality while giving almost no colorful details, with the notable exception of the red eyes. To be precise, the ff4500 shade of orange-red is used.