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Runbox is the name of a Norwegian-headquartered company that provides secure email services worldwide, offering encrypted communication and strong authentication. The service was launched in 2011, based on the previously created one (established in 2000).

Meaning and history

Throughout the years, Runbox tried various types of service providing, from absolutely free, to paid, or subscription-based. The Norwegian platform is always trying to implement new technologies and additional protection mechanisms, following all the trends and creating its own. In terms of visual identity, the service has been pretty constant, which only elevated that sense of security and stability.

2011 – Today

Runbox Logo

Runbox has actually two logos, which are used for different purposes. The first one can be seen on the website and all advertising materials of the company, while the second is just for the application itself. So the primary Runbox badge features a three-dimensional cube, formed by puzzle blocks, and executed in light blue gradients. The cube is set on the left from the lowercase sans-serif logotype, set in solid light-blue shade.

As for the software badge, it is a horizontally oriented rectangle, with the same light blue shade for the background, and the darker shade for the lettering and another emblem. The lettering on the banner is set in the lowercase of a strong and futuristic sans-serif font with slightly flattened and extended letters. The cool and modern wordmark is followed by a sharp geometric emblem, a tick, pointing to the right and having its bars elongated and sharpened.