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Onlyfans is the name of a web portal, created in 2016, and mostly known for adult content. The website allows you to create a private, paid community. Users pay a monthly subscription and get access to content – photos, videos, or audio. Today the portal has an audience of millions of people from all over the world, several very celebrities running accounts there.

Meaning and history

Onlyfans Logo history

OnlyFans is a new social platform that allows Influencers, popular authors, and bloggers, to monetize their content by sharing it with other users who pay a monthly subscription fee. The main difference between OnlyFans and similar platforms is that OnlyFans allows NSFW (unsafe, sometimes banned content) and adult content.

What is OnlyFans?
OnlyFans is a UK-based paid content subscription platform, the main idea of which is that content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content (fans). The service has three big categories of content creators: the adult entertainment industry, fitness experts, and musicians. Monetization allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans every month, as well as from tips and the pay-per-view function.

2016 – 2021

Onlyfans Logo 2016

The very first logo of OnlyFans was created in 2016, and featured a simple yet bright blue and black color palette, with the plain background, usually white. It was an inscription in two styles: the “Only” in a full-shaped sans-serif font, thin lines, and black color, and the bold smooth “Fans” in a custom cursive font, in light blue. The tail of the “F” overlapped the top of the bar of the “Y”. Another element of the logo was a small blue image of a lock, placed inside the circle of the letter “O”. It was a graphical representation of privacy and maybe even a mystery, which you can open by getting a subscription.

2021 – Today

Onlyfans Logo

The redesign of 2021 kept blue as the main color of the OnlyFans logo palette but added to the light shade from the previous version a smoother and deeper one. Black was completely gone from the color scheme now. The emblem, set on the left from the logotype is now formed by two stylized letters, “O” and “F”, glued one to another, and forming some kind of a winged wheel. As for the inscription, it was rewritten in a simple yet bold and clean sans-serif typeface, with the “Only” part in a lighter shade of blue, and the “Fans” — in a darker one.