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Yahoo Mail is the name of one of the most popular e-Mail services, which was created in 1997, and by today has more than 200 million active users from all over the globe, operating dozens of billion emails daily. The service is pretty simple to use and has a bright and convenient interface, which is the number one reason for its popularity.

Meaning and history

Yahoo Mail Logo history

Yahoo is one of the e-Mail services, which has found its visual identity style pretty fast. Already after the first major redesign, held in 2009, the platform found its corporate color palette, which is still used in all Yahoo Mail logos.

What is Yahoo! Mail?
Yahoo! Mail is an online mail platform, which was created by Yahoo Inc in 1997, and by today has become one of the most popular e-mail services worldwide, with more than 220 million users from all over the globe. Yahoo! Mail was one of the first services of this kind, which became available for users absolutely for free.

1997 – 2002

Yahoo Mail Logo 1997

The very first Yahoo Mail logo was introduced in 1997, and featured a pretty simple composition, with the lettering in two colors and styles, and sometimes an additional emblem, depicting an envelope or a mailbox. The first part of the inscription, “Yahoo!”, was set in jumping capitals of a square serif typeface, in bright red, while the “Mail” used calm and modest blue shade, along with simple and slightly narrowed sans-serif typeface.

2002 – 2009

Yahoo Mail Logo 2002

The graphical elements were not used with the Yahoo Mail logotype anymore, and the lettering was refined, along with the color palette being refreshed. The bright red “Yahoo!” gained light shadow and got its contours cleaned and strengthened, while the “Mail” changed its color to dark gray, and was now set in all capitals is a full-shaped modern sans-serif.

2009 – 2013

Yahoo Mail Logo 2009

The redesign of 2009 introduced a new color palette, which stuck to the brand and is still used as the main signifier of Yahoo Mail. The bright blue was replaced with intense purple, a color of wisdom and creativity. Although the primary logo remained the same as in 2002 (apart from the main color), a few additional versions were created during the years. For example, Annie owned a white envelope with a solid purple paper with the white “Y” coming out of it. Or a mobile app icon, a solid purple square with rounded angles, a geometric white envelope, and a gradient “Yahoo!” Logotype under it.

2013 – 2019

Yahoo Mail Logo 2013

In 2013 the Yahoo Mail logo gets redesigned again, and this tule is more about the style and contours, although the color palette got refreshed too. The darker, closer to blue, shade of purple made the whole emblem colder and fancier. As for the main change, it was about the typeface of the “Yahoo!” Lettering, which was refined for the first time since the initial logo version. The new font features thin straight lines with slight flares and forked ends. It looks elegant yet sharp and progressive at the same time.

2019 – Today

Yahoo Mail Logo

The redesign of 2019 switched the typeface and color palette of the Yahoo Mail logo again. Today it is an extra-bold lowercase inscription with the slanted exclamation mark, separating “Yahoo” in dark purple from the lighter “Mail”. The mobile app icon of the Mail service depicts a white envelope with softened angles, placed above the bold white “Yahoo!” Wordmark in the lowercase, with the italicized exclamation mark in the end.

Font and color

The bold lowercase inscription from the primary badge of Yahoo Mail is set in a massive and heavy sans-serif typeface with modern shapes of the letters and thick lines with straight cuts. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia are Supera Gothic Extra Black and Hurme Geometric Sans 3 Black.

As for the color palette of the Yahoo! Mail visual identity, it is set in two shades of purple, a color symbolizing wisdom and imagination, creativity, and communication. The first part of the badge is set in a dark and deep shade, which is balanced by a light and vivid purple, used for the “Mail” lettering.