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MrBeast is the nickname of a famous American YouTube blogger, Jimmy Donaldson, who was born in 1998 in Kansas. Jimmy is mostly known for his “donate” video and has more than 43 million subscribers worldwide.

Meaning and history

MrBeast Logo history

One of the YouTubers with a pretty intense visual identity history, MrBeast, had his logo redesigned three times since the establishment of his channel, in 2012. The official symbol of the famous vlogger has always been a wild cat in a blue and white color palette, but the first two versions featured a tiger, while the recent logo has a panther as its hero.

The wild cat is a symbol of strength and courage, representing the fighting spirit of the famous blogger, and his determination to what he does.

Who is Mr. Beast?
Mr. Beast is a pseudonym if a popular Video blogger, who has over 50 million followers. Jimmy Donaldson (the real name of Mr. Beast) started his YouTube activity at the age of 13, and by today has thousands of clips in comedy and video-gaming genres posted. Mr. Beast is also a businessman and philanthropist.

2012 — 2018

MrBeast Logo-2012

The original MrBeast logo was composed of a blue and white tiger’s profile with its mouth opened. The image was placed on a striped blue square with rounded angles. The accents and stripes on the tiger, who was looking left, were executed in black, which added a sense of power and brutality to the whole logo.


MrBeast Logo-2018

The redesign of 2018 brought modified contours and a refreshed color palette to the MrBeast visual identity. The tiger gained more modern and sleek lines and shapes, while the black color was completely replaced with the dark blue.

As for the background, it has also been changed — the stripes became wider, but the colors remained untouched.

2018 — Today

MrBeast Logo

The previous logo stayed with the YouTube channel for only half a year and was replaced by a completely new concept in June 2018. The blue panther with the pink lightning bolt has two options of the background.

First of all, the new animal, secondly, looks in a different direction — to the right. The manner of the drawing is more cartoonish in comparison to the previous version, but it also has more energy and dynamics in its character.

The first option of the background is simply white and in this case, the emblem is accompanied by a black “MrBeast” wordmark, written in a slightly italicized brush sans-serif.

The second version boasts only the image, placed on a white and blue background with a tiger pattern.


The color palette of the MrBeast logo has light blue as the main shade with white and pink — as additional ones. Blue symbolizes reliability and professionalism, with softens the wild spirit of the panther, making it look cool and brutal.

Pink is a color of love and passion, but in combination with the lightning geometry, it adds a sense of power and determination.

White accents add a feeling of loyalty and put the subscribers of the channel in the first place in the priority list for MrBeast.

What animal is on the MrBeast logo?
The animal, depicted on the MrBeast logo is a blue panther. This stylized wild cat appeared on the badge in 2018, replacing the blue-striped tiger, which was the MrBeast symbol for six years, starting in 2012.

What color is the MrBeast logo?
The bright and bold logo of MrBeast is executed in a vivid blue and fuchsia color palette, with black lettering, thin black contours, and small white elements of the panther’s head.

What was MrBeast’s old name?
The real name of the famous YouTuber MrBeast is Jimmy Donaldson. Not that you can call it the “Old Name”, as this is his only real name, and MrBeast is a pseudonym.

How rich is MrBeast?
MrBeast is one of the most famous and richest YouTubers. His net worth by 2022 is more than 56 million USD. All the wealth of the vlogger comes from online platforms.

What does the MrBeast logo mean?
The bright blue panther with a fuchsia pink stripe on the logo of the famous YouTuber MrBeast is a representation of power, brutality, and progressiveness. The wild cat is also a symbol of danger, dynamics, and speed.

Where did MrBeast get his logo?
The current MrBeast logo was introduced in 2018 and is based on the previous symbol of the vlogger, a blue tiger, used by MrBeast since 2012. The main thing kept from the original badge is the fighting spirit of the animal and the sense of danger it evokes.

What disease does MrBeast have?
Jimmy Donaldson, the YouTuber known as MrBeast, has a chronic inflammatory disease, Crohn’s disease, which he was diagnosed with at the age of 22.

Is the MrBeast logo copyrighted?
Yes, the bright blue and pink emblem with the depiction of a panther, was registered as a trademark by MrBeast in 2019. The serial number of the MrBeast trademark is 88307131.