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BetaSeries, now available in English and expanding internationally, is a platform that has grown over a decade into a key resource for TV series enthusiasts. It offers features to manage one’s series-watching calendar, share updates on the latest episodes watched, and discover new shows. The service fosters a large community, boasting a membership of over one million users.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2007, Betaseries emerged as a specialized digital platform, specifically tailored for TV enthusiasts. It was created to streamline the experience of tracking and discovering television series, addressing the needs of an increasingly digital audience.

Betaseries has marked its journey with several key achievements. The platform uniquely combines features for monitoring show progress, exploring new series, and connecting users with a community of fellow TV series fans. It consolidates a wealth of information including schedules, detailed episode summaries, and viewer opinions, positioning itself as a comprehensive resource for television content. Furthermore, Betaseries expanded its scope to encompass movie tracking, thereby catering to a broader spectrum of entertainment aficionados.

Currently, Betaseries continues to evolve in the dynamic landscape of digital media. The platform consistently updates to mirror new trends in streaming, series releases, and viewer habits. It strives to offer an intuitive, all-encompassing service for both TV and movie enthusiasts, maintaining its popularity and relevance. In an era where digital entertainment is constantly transforming, Betaseries’ commitment to enhancing user experience and staying abreast of the latest in television and film underscores its role as a key player in the realm of entertainment discovery and tracking.


Betaseries Logo

The visual emblem depicted in the photograph showcases the “betaseries” brand name, rendered in a sleek, unembellished lowercase font that speaks to the brand’s modernity and digital savvy. The typeface is a sans-serif, projecting clarity and simplicity, which aligns with the platform’s user-friendly ethos. Adjacent to the wordmark is a striking play-button motif, a rightward-facing blue triangle nestled within a speech bubble-like contour, signifying the interactivity and communicative foundations of the service. This iconography cleverly merges the concepts of media playback and conversation, embodying the platform’s commitment to fostering a community-driven space for media discussion and engagement. The color choice of the symbol, a calming and trustworthy shade of blue, resonates with the themes of reliability and depth of knowledge that the platform endeavors to provide to its users. This emblematic design encapsulates the essence of Betaseries as a nexus for media tracking and social exchange, with a visual identity that is both inviting and indicative of its role in the contemporary entertainment landscape.