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WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg, and today it is one of the most widely used content management systems. Being an open-source system, it hosts more than 60 million blogs and websites.

Meaning and history

WordPress Logo history

There is no big difference between the two existing versions of WordPress, created throughout its history, though even the slight changes, made in 2008, showed the ability of the brand to change to satisfy the needs of its users and the moving and progressing world around it.

2003 — 2008

WordPress Logo 2003

The WordPress logo, introduced in 2003, featured a classy serif logotype, underline by a thin black line, placed on the right from a circular monochrome emblem. The wordmark was visually split into two parts — the “Word” in dark blue, and the “Press” in black, which were placed close to each other. As for the emblem, it was a solid black circle in a double black and white outline, with a stylized white “W” on it. The letter “W” was executed in a chic serif font but with its right bar resembling a smooth teardrop on its upper part. Like the ink drop, falling from the writer’s ink pen.

2008 — Today

WordPress logo

The redesign of 2008 hasn’t changed much in the WordPress visual identity, just removed the underline and switched the dark blue of the “Word” to a lighter shade, closer to sea-blue, which looks calming and relaxing. Today the color contrast between the two parts of the nameplate is brighter, which makes the whole image more modern and progressive, though the traditional shapes and classy old-style typeface make the whole visual identity timeless and extremely elegant, evoking a sense of high quality, luxury, and intelligence.


WordPress Emblem

The WordPress logo is a circular plate confining a stylish ‘W’ initial and the WordPress wordmark beneath.


WordPress Symbol

The WoordPress symbol speaks for itself. The simplistic design and unobtrusive color combination reflect the team’s effort to create a safe, user-friendly, and therefore attractive platform for everyone who would like to run his or her own website.


Font WordPress Logo

The WordPress logo’s wordmark is written in Mrs Eaves, a typerface designed by Zuzana Licko. It is absolutely imperative that the “Press” part of the wordmark be spelled with a capital P!


Color WordPress Logo

WordPress logo design implies the use of three colors: blue, gray and orange. The logo elements come in different combinations of these, depending on the background color.