Princeton Rays Logo

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Probably the most important factor determining the shape and palette of the Princeton Rays logo has been its affiliation with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Meaning and history

Princeton Rays Logo history

Established in 1988, the team was originally called the Princeton Pirates. The nickname “Princeton Rays” was adopted in 2008. It has been a farm team for the Tampa Bay Rays since 1997.

Primary symbol (2008)

Princeton Rays symbol

The word “Rays” looks exactly like on the emblem of the parent team. Additionally, there’s the lettering “Princeton” above, which is given in the same typeface.

Cap emblem

Princeton Rays emblem

A large white “P” is decorated with a yellow and white star. The typeface is similar to that used on the main logo.


Princeton Rays Logo baseball

The palette comprises navy blue, sky blue, and a bright shade of yellow.