Plymouth Logo

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Plymouth Logo
Plymouth is a low-budget segment trademark of cars established by Chrysler. The label was introduced in 1928 and was ceased in 2001. The Plymouth cars were retailed mainly in the USA.

Meaning and history

Plymouth Logo history

The brand was called after the English colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to celebrate Pilgrims and their strength and endurance.
Starting the first years, the Plymouth visual identity featured an image of the Mayflower clipper ship as the main detail. Mayflower was the ship, which brought first British colonists to Massachusetts in 1620.
The first Plymouth logo was a triangle-shaped emblem with a detailed picture of the ship and a wordmark in the gothic style typeface on top of it. The lower part of the emblem featured a “Chrysler Corporation” lettering.
For some interval of time, Plymouth uses a Chrysler’s iconic Pentastar symbol as a logo, enclosed in a circle frame with modern custom font of the wordmark, executed in all capital letters and placed around the perimeter of the frame, in its upper part.
The brand created a new rounded logo, which is still recognizable today, in the 1990s. It depicts a less detailed image of the ship, which is more elegant than the first Mayflower version. The monochrome color palette of the Plymouth logo alternates with gold and burgundy, which add more sophistication and chic feeling to the brand’s visual identity.
The unique lettering of the wordmark is instantly recognizable due to its sleek futuristic lines and rounded angles.
The Plymouth logo is very creative and interesting, it stands out and reflects the brand’s heritage and history.