Chrysler Logo

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Chrysler Logo
Chrysler is a legendary American car brand, which was established in 1925 and merged with Fiat in 2014. The brand is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the USA.

Meaning and history

Chrysler Logo history

The company, named after its founder, Walter Chrysler, is an icon and one of the “Big Three” of the American automobile industry.
During its history, the brand was a part of the Daimler group, then a completely independent company, and today it is a part of a Fiat Chrysler international group.
The brand’s visual identity is even teacher than the ownership timeline. The Chrysler logo had more than ten redesigns throughout the years.

1928 — 1930

The original Chrysler logo was designed by Oliver Clark, who got inspired by the Roman myths. The logo was composed of a wax seal image with two wings, symbolizing speed. The seal was meant to be a quality mark of the Chrysler brand.

1930 — 1936

In 1930 wings are removed from the logo and now it’s just a seal, that changed its color palette to burgundy and gold. It is a reflection of luxury and quality.

1936 — 1950

The new, more losers and strict wings are now placed on both sides of the seal. They feature silver color with black horizontal stripes.

1950 — 1951

The brand’s logo was dramatically changed in 1950z now it features a black shield with a gold lion rampant holding a red crest. The experiment was pretty short and the emblem stayed with the brand for just one year.

1951 — 1955

In 1951 the brand design a new emblem — a three-dimensional bird, reflecting speed and progress. It was also a short era, which lasted only for 4 years.

1955 — 1980

The brand creates a new logo in 1955. It is a sharp V-shaped wings emblem. Modern and stylish in solid silver color, it represents the strength and confidence of Chrysler.

1980 — 1990

In the 1980s Chrysler uses the text-based logo. It is composed of a modern wordmark in all the capital letters, with futuristic confident lines and rounded letters. Both “R”’s of the nameplate are open, which adds individuality to the brand’s visual identity.

1990 — 1993

The winged seal comes back to the Chrysler logo in 1990. The shape of the seal is changed to oval and the wrongs are refined and elongated. The emblem looks sleek and stylish.

1993 — 2000

In 1993 brand decides to give a tribute to its roots and return the original seal logo, slightly modifying the color palette. The nameplate’s ribbon is colored blue now.

2000 — 2008

In the 200s Chrysler starts using the Pentastar emblem for its visual identity. It is placed on the left of the wordmark, which gained a new more traditional typeface with bolder lines.

2008 — 2009

In 2008 the Pentastar changes its location and becomes bigger — now it is the central element, which has a nameplate underneath it.

2009 — Today

The Chrysler logo from 2009 is a chic and elegant interpretation of its winged emblems. The seal is gone, now it is replaced by the blue line with a wordmark on it. The three-dimensional wings have smoother and fuller lines, which look balanced and sophisticated.
The blue and silver palette of the Chrysler logo is a reflection of a professional approach, the brand’s longevity, and stability.