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Passport Automotive was a subsidiary of General Motors operating in Canada. It served as the distributor for imported GM cars, particularly Isuzu and Saab vehicles. Passport operated in the Canadian market from 1988 to 1991. Its primary focus was to facilitate the sale and marketing of cars outside of GM’s North American brands. Despite its limited lifespan, the company played a role in diversifying GM’s portfolio in Canada.

Meaning and history

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Founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of General Motors, Passport Automotive was set up to distribute imported vehicles in Canada. The company specifically targeted the sale and distribution of cars from GM’s foreign affiliates like Isuzu and Saab. Over its short lifespan, Passport made strides in diversifying GM’s Canadian market offerings, adding foreign-made cars to the traditional North American lineup. However, Passport Automotive ceased its operations in 1991, folding its functions back into the parent company. Though it was short-lived, its impact was notable in bringing a more diverse range of automobiles to Canadian consumers.

What is Passport?
Passport Automotive was a Canadian subsidiary of General Motors, in operation from 1988 to 1991. The company was responsible for distributing foreign brands like Isuzu and Saab in Canada. Despite its brief existence, it played a role in diversifying GM’s Canadian vehicle lineup.