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Exagon Engineering, owned by Luc Marchetti, specializes in the production of high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles. This French company, based in Magny-Cours, made its mark on the automotive industry with the creation of the Furtive-eGT, an electric sports car. The firm, renowned for its innovative and ecological solutions, serves markets worldwide.

Meaning and history

Founded by Luc Marchetti in 2006, Exagon Engineering has left an indelible mark in the automotive sector. The firm is most known for the Furtive-eGT, its premium electric sports car, setting a new standard in high-performance electric vehicles. Exagon’s partnerships with industry giants like Siemens and Michelin have reinforced its position. Today, the company continues its focus on environmentally-friendly transportation solutions, with the goal of achieving a more sustainable future.

What is Exagon Engineering?
Exagon Engineering is a French company that designs and manufactures high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles. Notably, it produced the Furtive-eGT, a high-performance electric sports car.

Exagon Engineering Logo