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Cizeta is an Italian automobile company that was founded in 1988 by Claudio Zampolli, an Italian entrepreneur. The company operates in the luxury car segment, focusing on producing exclusive and limited-edition vehicles. Cizeta gained recognition for their flagship model, the Cizeta V16T, which featured a unique design and a powerful V16 engine. Although the company faced financial challenges and ceased production in 1995, it left a lasting legacy in the automotive industry.

Meaning and history

Cizeta Logo

Cizeta Automobili is an Italian automotive company founded by Claudio Zampolli and Giorgio Moroder in 1988. Cizeta gained recognition for its exceptional supercar, the Cizeta V16T, which featured a unique 16-cylinder engine. This powerful and luxurious vehicle was capable of producing 540 horsepower and reaching a top speed of 204 mph. Despite its limited production, the Cizeta V16T received acclaim for its innovative design and remarkable performance. Currently, Cizeta Automobili remains a niche manufacturer, focusing on exclusive and custom-built automobiles for discerning enthusiasts.

What is Cizeta?
Cizeta is an Italian automotive company specializing in the design and production of luxury sports cars. Known for their high-performance vehicles, Cizeta combines exquisite craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional driving experiences.