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The Ogden Raptors played their first official game under the current name in 1994, but their history can be traced back to 1977. Though the Minor League Baseball franchise is an affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, this link isn’t reflected in their logos.

Meaning and history

Ogden Raptors Logo history

1994 — 1999

Ogden Raptors Logo 1994
The Ogden Raptors badge, designed in 1994, stayed with the club for just five years. It was a fun and memorable caricature of the dinosaur in turquoise blue, drawn on a background of a baseball with uneven contours. The ball is white with a thin black outline and red-stitched looked as if it was made of stone, from the same period as the mascot of the club. The lettering was placed diagonally over the bottom half of the logo, written in a custom smooth typeface.

2001 — 2014

Ogden Raptors logo
The redesign of 2001 was more about a slight refinement of the Ogden Raptors visual identity. The contours of the elements were cleaned and strengthened, while the color palette got elevated, gaining darker and chicer shades, which made the whole look of the badge more complete, balanced and professional. This logo stayed with the club for more than a decade.

2015 — Today

Ogden Raptors logo
The 2015 emblem, which was developed by Jeremy Maxwell of New Era, sports a leaner, sleeker utahraptor. While the core of the logo remained the same, the dinosaur changed its position and adopted a more dynamic look.

What is Ogden Raptors?
Ogden Raptors is the name of the team member of the independent Pioneer Baseball League. The team was established in 1994 in Utah, USA, and used to play both in Major and Minor Baseball Leagues before stepping into the independent one in 2021.