Connecticut Tigers Logo

Connecticut Tigers logoConnecticut Tigers Logo PNG

While the primary logo of the Connecticut Tigers doesn’t resemble that of the Detroit Tigers, the cap insignia has been definitely inspired by the parent team’s logo.

Meaning and history

Connecticut Tigers Logo history

While the team started play under the name of the Connecticut Tigers only in 2010, its history is in fact much longer. Its roots can be traced to the Wellsville Yankees franchise founded in 1942. The team has been the Short-Season A classification affiliate of the Detroit Tigers since 1999.

Connecticut Tigers logo

Primary symbol

Connecticut Tigers symbol

The Connecticut Tigers logo features the word “Tiger” scripted diagonally in dark blue with an orange outline. The name of the state in a simple sans serif type is given above.

Alternative emblems

Connecticut Tigers emblem

The cap insignia sports an old English “C” in white positioned against the dark blue background. There’s also a version of the logo where the “C” is orange. In 2014, alternative logos were introduced, which depicted a cartoonish tiger.

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