Los Angeles Dodgers Logo

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo
The Los Angeles Dodgers is a professional baseball team, a member of the National league West division playing in Major League Baseball.

Meaning and History logo

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo history

The club was founded in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, and was known as Brooklyn Robins and Brooklyn Dodgers up until its transition to Los Angeles, California in 1958. All previous Los Angeles Dodgers logos featured a capital “B”, which came in different shapes, fonts, and colors, until 1938, when the hand-written script “Dodgers” was introduced as the team’s new logo.
When the team moved to Los Angeles, it changed its name for Los Angeles Dodgers, and the current logo was introduced.


Shape Los Angeles Dodgers Logo
The new Los Angeles Dodgers logo features the light-blue hand-written wordmark, which is more diagonal, and a red flying baseball with a trail of diverging lines. In 2012, the logo underwent a modification. The lines grew thicker, and the font changed slightly. The “O” was deprived of the tail that had connected it to the “D”, and the transition line between the “G” and the “E” grew thinner.


Colors Los Angeles Dodgers Logo
The modified logo comes in deeper hues of blue and red. The blue color symbolizes excellence and optimism; the red color expresses passion and eagerness to win.


Font Los Angeles Dodgers Logo
The Los Angeles Dodgers logo features a signature handwritten “Dodgers” wordmark.