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Los Angeles Dodgers Logo

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Los Angeles Dodgers is the name of one of the most rewarded baseball teams in the United States. The club was established in 1883 as Brooklyn Atlantics and moved to LA in 1958, changing its name to the current one. Today the team is owned by Guggenheim Baseball Management and managed by Dave Roberts.

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Los Angeles Dodgers logo Cap insignia

Meaning and History

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo history

The history of the club can be divided into two periods — New York, from 1883 to 1958, and Los Angeles, from 1958. As for the visual identity of the famous team, there were three milestones — the establishment of the team, the name change, and the relocation. All these stages are reflected in the numerous logos, designed for the baseball club during its history.

1899 — 1909

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1899

Created in New York as Brooklyn Robins, the team got its first logo in 1899. It was a Gothic-style letter “B”, originally designed in red. Though the color was changed to blue in 1902 and since then, the signature color of the club has been constant.

Blue is the color, which symbolizes professionalism and reliability. And in combination with white is stands for loyalty, which reflects the relationship between the team and their fans.

1909 — 1938

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1909

The “B” was redesigned in 1909. It was drawn in a lighter shade of blue and featured a new style of the typeface, which was also ornate, but with fewer lines and details than the previous one. The signature “B” was executed in a font with smooth curved lines and pointed peaks, the one, which is close to Bruce Double Pica.

In 1910 the “B” was enclosed in a rhombus, symbolizing a baseball field, the blue became darker again. The contours of the frame were redesigned in 1912 and replaced by a red circle in 1928.

In 1929 the frame was completely removed and the “B” was drawn in light blue with the red outline. The colors were switched in 1930 and for one year the team used a red letter in a blue outline as their logo.

In 1931 the club started experimenting with the shape of the “B” and the first geometric logo was designed. A strong and bold serif “B” was drawn in light blue and featured a thin deep-blue outline. In 1937 the letter became dark blue with no additional details.

1938 — 1951

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1938

The club was renamed to Dodgers in 1938 and this is when the iconic logotype was first designed. The blue script lettering featured a thick smooth underline, which was coming out of the letter “S”. For the first decade, the logotype was written in blue and simply placed on a white background with no extras.

1952 — 1957

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1952

In 1952 the logotype was placed inside a brown rhombus, which was slightly horizontally extended. There was also a white baseball with blue lines placed above the letter “G”. That was the first step to the iconic logo we all know today.

1958 — 2011

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1958

The team moves to California in 1958 and changes its name to Los Angeles Dodgers. The new logo, designed in 1958 hasn’t changed much by today and became a legendary image in American baseball history.

The LA Dodgers logo from 1958 featured a blue script wordmark, which was placed slightly diagonally. The white baseball with red contours was placed above it and straight lines of different lengths were coming out of it as if they were rays of light.

In 1968 the colors of the emblem became more intense and the lines of the inscription became bolder.

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1968

In 1972 the logo was slightly refined, and in 1979 the inscription started gaining finer and more elegant contours.

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1972

2012 — Today
Los Angeles Dodgers logo

The current Dodgers logo is basically the same, with deep blue, red and white color palette, but the inscription is refined and looks sophisticated and powerful. The logo is now perfectly balanced and executed, evoking a sense of expertise and representing a high level of professionalism.

Shape Los Angeles Dodgers Logo


Colors Los Angeles Dodgers Logo

The modified logo comes in deeper hues of blue and red. The blue color symbolizes excellence and optimism; the red color expresses passion and eagerness to win.


Font Los Angeles Dodgers Logo

The Los Angeles Dodgers logo features a signature handwritten “Dodgers” wordmark.