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The New Orleans Baby Cakes is a baseball club located in Metairie, Louisiana, not far from New Orleans. They compete in the Pacific Coast League and are affiliated with the Major League Baseball club Miami Marlins.

Meaning and history

New Orleans Baby Cakes Logo history

The origins of the Baby Cakes can be traced to 1901. The team appeared in the Kansas City when the local club moved to Washington. While the club’s original name was the Kansas City Blues, it has gone through around five names before adopting the current one in 2017.

New Orleans Baby Cakes logo


New Orleans Baby Cakes Symbol

The name was chosen with reference to the legendary Mardi Gras king cakes served with a tiny plastic baby inside. So, that’s hardly a surprise that the New Orleans Baby Cakes logo depicts a baby appearing out of a cake.

Alternative emblem

New Orleans Baby Cakes emblem

In addition to the primary logo, the team also has a series of secondary ones. One of them is the crest comprising the emblems of the teams that were playing in the New Orleans earlier, the Pelicans and the Zephyrs.


New Orleans Baby Cakes baseball logo

The combination of colors on the New Orleans Baby Cakes logo looks somewhat unusual for a baseball club. The beige of the baby’s face is complemented with navy blue, purple, green, and gold. Three of these colors, green, purple, and gold, are the traditional colors of the Mardi Gras king cakes.

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