Miami Marlins Logo

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Miami Marlins Logo
The Miami Marlins is one of the most well-known professional baseball teams in the US. It has been playing in Major League Baseball since 1993. For about 20 years the club was known as the Florida Marlins and used an emblem based on the image of the marlin fish. In 2012 it adopted a new logo, following the team’s rebranding as the Miami Marlins.

Meaning and History logo

Miami Marlins Logo history

The team was created in 1991, but it wasn’t until the 1993 season that it first played in the National League. Wayne Huizenga, to whom the club belonged, wanted to adopt a pink Flamingos brand identity and palette, but Major League Baseball came up with the idea to use the teal color in the club’s logo. Whatever changes to the emblem were made, it always revolved around the teal-and- silver palette and an image of a marlin.
At the end of 2011, when the club was renamed, it also introduced a new Miami Marlins logo. It featured the “M” letter, over which a stylized marlin was flying. In 2011 black details were removed from the emblem.


Font Miami Marlins Logo
The 2012-2016 version of the insignia included the word “MIAMI” in black lettering. It was given in a sleek sans-serif all-cap type.


Color Miami Marlins Logo
According to Jeffrey Loria, who owns the club, the current palette reflects the colors of Miami, the colors of sunsets and the ocean. This explanation seems quite logical for the combination of red, yellow, blue, and orange used in the current Miami Marlins logo.