Arkansas Travelers Logo

Arkansas Travelers Logo

The logo of the baseball team Arkansas Travelers pays homage to its home state in a somewhat unusual, not instantly apparent way.

Meaning and history

Arkansas Travelers Logo history

The franchise traces its origins to the Little Rock Travelers team, which started competing in 1902. Currently, the Arkansas Travelers are a minor league baseball team with the status of the Double-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. The Travs are part of the Texas League.

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Old symbol

Arkansas Travelers symbol

The previous Arkansas Travelers logo was based on the famous slogan “Greatest Game on Dirt.”

The 2014 emblem

Arkansas Travelers emblem

The current visual identity was developed by the Californian agency Brandiose (San Diego). While the animal featured on the Arkansas Travelers logo may look like an ordinary horse at first glance, don’t be deceived. According to the press release, the creature is “chiseled” from the same material that is used for the exterior of Arkansas State Capitol Building, the white limestone. In this way, the designers wanted to emphasise the link with the team’s home state and remind of the fact that the Travs have been Arkansas’s team for over a century. There’s a large red “A” on the forefront and the franchise’s full name in a similar font.


Arkansas Travelers Logo baseball

White is not just an additional color here – it’s used as the symbol of the Capitol. The two shades of red (bright red and maroon) help to add an extra dimension. The palette also includes black and grey.