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Motul is a French company manufacturing and trading lubrication materials for various types of vehicles and industrial use seated in Aubervilliers, France. The year of the foundation of Motul is considered to be 1853 when Swan & Finch, a company from New York, started its business in the area of high-quality lubricants. In 1932 the company came to the French market via its partner Supra Penn. Nowever, Swan & Finch suspended its activities in 1957 and Supra Pen acquired its rights and contracts for the supply of the main product under the brand name of Motul and registered a company in France under the same name, as Motul S.A.

The company managed to reach success with semi-synthetic engine oil in 1966. After five years of research and development efforts, it introduced to the market a fully synthetic oil. Nowadays, Motul operates in more than 80 countries in many parts of the world, it holds close cooperation with such leaders of the world industry as Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and many others.

Meaning and history

The logo of Motul S.A. was developed shortly after the registration of the company in France. It was quite simple and consisted just of the name “MOTUL” in block letters. he graphics are thick and heavy resembling the commercial font Molde Expanded Heavy Italic. The letters “T” and “O” have special features, the upper bar of the “T” is extended to the left almost reaching the letter “O” and eating away a part of its oval in its upper-right part.

Initially, Motul was the brand name of one of lubrication oil traded by the Swan & Finch company in the French market. Now represents the name of the company registered in France. For the customers Motul S.A., its logo is the quality sign for lubricators, a link to the company´s position in innovation, research and development.

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