Panasonic Logo

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Panasonic Logo
The earliest Panasonic logo, which was introduced in 1955, featured a mountain-like triangular shape in the middle of the wordmark. Since then, the emblem has undergone a couple changes.

Meaning and history

Panasonic logo history

The 1966 version featured the wordmark in a custom all-cap type, and a rectangular shape on the left. Also, there was a “By Matsushita Electric” inscription.
Today, the company uses a simple blue wordmark with occasional alterations, which may include special visual effects or a change of color. It was introduced in 1971.

Origins of the 1966 symbol

panasonic symbolOriginally, the brand name “Panasonic” was used for exported speakers, while the main brand of the parent company, Matsushita Electric, was called National. It was the National brand that first used the capital “N” symbol and the circle with two lightning bolts that later were adopted as the Panasonic logo. The circle with the lightning bolts was first used in 1937, while the “N” logo was adopted in 1959.


Font Panasonic Logo
The type used in the wordmark is Helvetica Black, a classic sans-serif font. The lack of offbeat features may be interpreted as the brand’s desire to emphasize that its products are classic and reliable, providing smooth operation. We can mention, however, the “Wonders” advertising campaign of 2014 featuring a more extravagant type.


Color Panasonic Logo
The current version of Panasonic logo is based on the combination of two colors: dark blue and white (for the background). The shade of blue used communicates the ideas of bright future and consistency. Alternatively, a black-and-white version may be used, as well as a combination of a brighter shade of blue with red (National Panasonic advertising campaign).