3M Logo

3m logo
3M is a Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company in America that has become a famous multinational corporation. 3M company produces over 55 thousand kind of products in different fields, these include medical machinery, electronics, dental goods and car-care products and as a result, 3M logo became one of the most popular in the world.

Logo history

3M logo history

3M logo is one of the most famous simple yet easy-recognizable logo designs across the world. The first logo was quite complex: “3M Co.” name was surrounded by a diamond and a big circle. Later the logo has simplified into the name with an oval around it, in some cases the oval was omitted. The recent version was first created by Siegel+Gale branding company in New York.

Shape and Colors

colors 3m logo

The shape of the 3M logo is very simplified: 3 and letter M are situated very close to each other and have a much more impressive font which adds to the logo more power, status and intensity. The director of the Siegel+Gale has insisted on adding new colour to the logo – red, as it enhances the idea of endurance and stability of the company.