Black & Decker Logo

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Black & Decker Logo
The hexagon shaped logo used by Black & Decker for more than 100 years, was eventually replaced by a cleaner, more modern wordmark reflecting the brand’s new specialization.

Meaning and History logo

Black & Decker logo history

While the company was founded in 1910 as a machine shop, it didn’t have a consistent logotype until 1912, when the iconic hexagon emblem was introduced. It represented one of the most recognizable symbols of the machine tool trade, a hexagonal nut for a screw.

Old symbols

Black & Decker symbol
The hexagon went through a series of modifications, which took place in 1926, 1960, 1984, and 2000.

The 2014 emblem

Black & Decker emblem
In 2014, the company decided to redefine its brand so that it reflected Black+Decker’s new focus – home products. The new emblem was developed by the Lippincott firm.


The old Black & Decker logo used the typeface called Linotype Univers Com 620 (the Condensed Bold version). The 2014 wordmark features a more standard-looking type with justified stacking of the company name.