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Suzuki is a famous Japanese car manufacturing company, which was established in 1909 and named after its founder, Michio Suzuki. Today it is one of the ten largest car distributors worldwide, operating in more than 190 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Suzuki Logo history

Suzuki is named after its founder, Michio Suzuki, and its visual identity’s main principles are simplicity and brightness. The Suzuki logo is instantly recognizable across the globe due to its geometrically perfect lines and color palette. The brand invented nothing new, didn’t put any hidden meanings and symbolism in its logo, they just perfectly executed a basic idea.

The company was founded in 1909 and used only its name on the logo for the first 50 years of its history. The famous emblem was designed in 1958 and stayed with the brand until today.

1958 – 1990

Suzuki Logo 1958

The iconic Suzuki emblem was created in 1958 and featured a monochrome palette during the first years. The black “S” was placed on a white background and looked modern and elegant due to the color contrast and distinct lines.

The brand doesn’t use any wordmark in its logo during this period, the emblem works both as a signifier and the company’s symbol.

1990 – Today

Suzuki logo

The wordmark appears on the logo. The nameplate is executed in all capital letters featuring classic Helvetica font. The brand experimented with the wordmark placement — first, it was put underneath the emblem, then moved to its right, which made the logo look like a horizontal line, with the starting point in the emblem “S”.

Finally, the Suzuki wordmark was decided to put back under the emblem, the letters were enlarged and the perfect balance was created.

As for the color palette, it has always been red and blue, but the first versions featured a lighter time of blue. The current logo is executed in a scarlet red and a deep classic blue, which represents the stability and professionalism of the company alongside its progressive thinking and movement into the future.

Suzuki Logo

The company sometimes uses the three-dimensional silver-tone emblem with the black color of the wordmark for its identity, but it will always be associated with its famous bright original palette, which is a perfect reflection of everything that is important for Suzuki: its heritage, its values, and its aims.

The Emblem

Suzuki emblem

The Suzuki emblem features a stylized letter “S” in scarlet red color. The “S” has sharp angles and chopped forms, which resemble rich Japanese culture and history. The curved pointed lines of the “S” remind of glyphs and samurai traditions.

The bright red of the Suzuki emblem is a symbol of energy and passion, the brand’s progressive approach and a customer as a central element of its value system.

When placed on the cars, Suzuki emblems feature silver metal, which looks sleek in its unique shape and volume.

The Suzuki emblem is a reflection of the company’s determination and loyalty to its roots.