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As a result of the two updates through which the Akrapovič logo has gone since 1997, the design has grown simpler and easier to grasp.

Meaning and history

Akrapovic Logo history

Before 1999

Akrapovič Logo 1990

The company was founded in the early 1990s as a motorcycle tuning shop named Skorpion. In 1997, it adopted its current name.

While the old logo used before 1999 features the name “Akrapovič,” it also alludes to the original name by using a stylized scorpion symbol. In addition to these, you can also see the tagline “Exhaust system technology.”


Akrapovič Logo 2000

In this version, the color was added. The scorpion became red, while the lettering grew yellow. Also, now the logo was placed inside a black ellipse, which had a yellow border. The simple type used for the tagline in the previous version was replaced by an elaborate script inspired by handwriting.


Akrapovič logo

While this version has preserved some of the heritage, the design looks pretty different, much more modern.

The scorpion was replaced by a red symbol, which looks both like a stylized scorpion and a fork. It has the same color and position as the scorpion from the previous logo, which helped the customers to create a symbolic link between the old and new brand identities.

Akrapovič Logo

The same can be said about the wordmark – similar to the previous one, it was italicized. The type was slightly different, though. The tagline, the ellipse, and the black background disappeared from the primary logo, which made the design simpler and more modern.

However, the black background is still used on the Akrapovič logo featured on the regular and racing sticker.

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