Monterrey Sultanes Logo

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Monterrey Sultanes Logo
One of the Triple-A teams of the Mexican League, the Sultanes de Monterrey have a long and illustrious history.

Meaning and History logo

Monterrey Sultanes Logo history

The team started playing in 1939 under the name of the Carta Blanca, which was inspired by a local beer brand.

Primary symbol

Monterrey Sultanes symbol
A large “M” is the centerpiece of the Sultanes de Monterrey logo. The smaller script “Sultanes” in blue and a baseball can be seen on the forefront. There’s also a mountain landscape and eight navy stars with a red outline.

Cap emblem

Monterrey Sultanes Logo emblem
If not for the color scheme, the cap insignia would have looked almost exactly as the primary logo.


Monterrey Sultanes Logo baseball
While the palette, which includes navy blue, white, and red, is somewhat generic, the overall design of the Monterrey Sultanes logo is distinctive and unique.