México Diablos Rojos Logo

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México Diablos Rojos Logo
The Diablos Rojos del Mexico are a baseball franchise that is part of the Mexican League and belongs to the Triple-A level.

Meaning and History logo

México Diablos Rojos Logo history

The history of the franchise dates back to 1940. The team was founded by Salvador Lutteroth under the name of the Reds of Mexico.

Evolution of the primary symbol

The México Diablos Rojos logo introduced in 2000 featured a white baseball with red seams. The baseball was encircled by a bold yellow ring with the full name of the team in white. The outline of the circle was red. Also, there was the word “Diablos” at the forefront.
The “Diablos” script from the logo is often used as the primary logo.

Cap emblem

The simpler version of the Diablos Rojos del Mexico logo features a script letter “M” with its right end forming a “devil’s” tail.