Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Logo

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Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Logo
While a shrimp may seem not exactly a great sports emblem, minor league baseball team from Jacksonville decided to stick to it. It’s a nod to the Jacksonville’s reputation as the River City on the First Coast.

Meaning and history

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Logo history

While the origins of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp can be traced back to the Jacksonville Suns franchise established in 1962, it was only in 2017 that the current name was adopted. As of 2018, the team is part of the Southern League and has the status of the class-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins.

Primary symbol

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp symbol
The focal point of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp logo is (surprise, surprise!) a shrimp. To create a visual link with the name of the team, the designer drew the creature’s body in the form of the letter “J” (for “Jacksonville”). The water on both sides pays homage to Jacksonville’s nickname the River City.

Secondary emblems

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp emblem
In addition to the primary Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp logo, the franchise has a whole set of alternative emblems and wordmarks. Two of the badges feature the shrimp in different positions. The wordmarks sport an instantly memorable custom type.


Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Logo baseball
The palette including shades of orange and blue seems perfectly natural for the “river” and “shrimp” theme.