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Liga Mexicana de Béisbol (LMB) is the premier professional baseball league in Mexico. Founded in 1925, it is currently owned and operated by the Mexican Baseball Federation (FEMEBE). LMB consists of 16 teams and plays a regular season from March to August, followed by playoffs to determine the champion. The league is known for its passionate fan base and competitive gameplay. Matches are held in stadiums across Mexico, providing a thrilling experience for baseball enthusiasts.

Meaning and history

Liga Mexicana de Béisbol Logo history
Founded in the middle of 1925, the Mexican Central League had six baseball teams. Thirty-five years later, it expanded to eight and in five years got another two teams. As Liga Mexicana de Beisbol was expanding in 1979, the Mexican Central League joined it. Currently, the league has 9 teams in each division (North and South). Throughout the league’s history, it had around 100 teams with many of these leaving or ceasing to exist at one point or another. Sultanes de Monterrey is the oldest team in the league as it exists since 1939, closely followed by Diablos Rojos del Mexico.

What is Liga Mexicana de Béisbol?
The Liga Mexicana de Béisbol (Mexican Baseball League) is the top professional baseball league in Mexico. It features various teams from different regions of the country and has a rich history dating back to 1925. The league showcases talented players and provides exciting baseball action for fans across Mexico.

2000 – 2008

Liga Mexicana de Béisbol Logo 2000
The logo created in 2000 has the league’s initials printed using a bold, serif font accompanied by a round emblem. The font used in this logo closely resembles Benguiat Bold or Benecarlo Bold. The emblem has a very interesting design with a white baseball player figure in the center and white rays that go from the center to the outer edge getting thicker on one side. These rays instantly added dynamics and a feeling of speed, as well as symbolized the baseball bat in motion. The blue and white colors of the emblem created a professional impression.

2009 – Today

Liga Mexicana de Béisbol logo
Due to the unusual color combination and shapes, the Mexican Baseball League logo stands out among other baseball emblems.
While a baseball can be seen on almost any logo in this type of sports, here it has a unique look. The “seam” is formed by a row of eight red stars. From both sides of the baseball, there’s an asymmetric shape colored light green (left) or red (right). Below, there’s the lettering “Liga Mexicana de Beisbol” and a black triangle. On top of the Liga Mexicana de Béisbol logo, you can see the abbreviation “LMB.”
Mexican Baseball League logo

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