Missoula Osprey Logo

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For a team named the Missoula Osprey, a logo depicting an osprey with a baseball in its claws would have been perfect. And yet, for some reason, authors of the emblem decided to stay away from the cliché.

Meaning and history

Missoula Osprey Logo history

The Minor League Baseball team was established in Pocatello, Idaho, in 1987 and moved to Missoula in 1999. Their current affiliation with the Arizona Diamondbacks began in 1996.

Missoula Osprey logo

Primary symbol

Missoula Osprey symbol

The Missoula Osprey logo features an osprey clutching a fish. The name of the team in black can be seen below. There’re a silver diamond and green firs on the background.

Cap emblem

Missoula Osprey emblem

The cap insignia depicts a large blue letter “C” with the head of an osprey showing out of it. The bird has a prominent beak and an intimidating look.