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The Minor League Baseball franchise Bowling Green Hot Rods appeared in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 2009. However, the team itself wasn’t new – it existed since 2001 under various names and changed its location more than once.

Today, the Bowling Green Hot Rods are the Class A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays and belong to the Midwest League.

Meaning and history

Bowling Green Hot Rods Logo history

Since 2009, when the baseball team Bowling Green Hot Rods was founded, it has gone through two logo updates. One of them was barely noticeable, while the other included a complete overhaul.


Bowling Green Hot Rods Logo 2009The old Bowling Green Hot Rods logo depicted a yellow hot rod with two prominent flames. The wheels of the car and both the letters “O” in the name of the team above were made in the form of baseballs.

2010 — 2015

Bowling Green Hot Rods Logo 2010
With the redesign of 2010 the logo, created a year earlier, was enlarged, so all the elements on the black crest became more visible and confident. Although the contours and color palette remained untouched (the wordmark wasn’t touched either), the mood and character of the badge became stronger and more brutal, reflecting the spirit of the team and its willingness to fight and win.

2016 — Today

Bowling Green Hot Rods logo
The roundel logo developed by SME Branding featured large orange “B” and “G” encircled by the text “Bowling Green Hot Rods” in white.Bowling Green Hot Rods Emblem

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