Manitoba Moose Logo

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Manitoba Moose Logo
The Winnipeg-based team Manitoba Moose belongs to the American Hockey League and has the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets as its parent club.

Meaning and History logo

Manitoba Moose Logo history

The original Manitoba Moose logo, which was introduced for the 1996/97 season, featured an anthropomorphized moose, who, in spite of the hockey stick, looked more like a tourist on a winter resort than a determined hockey player. The same could be said about the 2001/02 logo, which differed from the original only in its color palette.
In advance of the 2005/06 season, though, the team adopted an emblem with an aggressive moose, which looked more like a sports emblem. The only modification so far has been a shift to a new color palette before the 2015/16 season.


Color Manitoba Moose Logo
The Manitoba Moose logo features cool, discreet shades, including Polar Night Blue, Aviator Blue, two shades of grey, and white.