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The franchise that today is called the Utah Grizzlies had seven different names and resided in five cities from 1988 to 2003. Then it was bought to replace the original Grizzlies ice hockey team in West Valley City, Utah.

Meaning and history

Utah Grizzlies Logo history

The logo of the new Grizzlies appeared in 2005. The team officials wanted it to represent the state of Utah, the players and their determination to win, something that would last for years.

The logo of the previous Grizzlies was in line with all those requirements. It was fierce, represented courage and character. So they used it having made some alterations to the color scheme.

Utah Grizzlies hockey Logo

A large brown and black grizzly bear with huge claws is roaring. Its fangs, red tongue and eyes are scary. Instead of playing hockey as it is often depicted in sports logos this bear has broken the hockey stick. Behind the bear there are black and white mountains. The beast is framed with a triangle which has black, white and red sides.

The team’s name is written in the foreground in a slightly slanted font. The word “Utah” is in white and the word “Grizzlies” is in deep green and outlined in white and black. It looks as if the bear is supporting it with its paw. There is evidently some meaning in it.

1988 — 1989

Utah Grizzlies Logo 1988

1989 — 1993

Utah Grizzlies Logo 1989

1993 — 1994

Utah Grizzlies Logo 1993

1994 — 2001

Utah Grizzlies Logo 1994

2001 — 2002

Utah Grizzlies Logo 2001

2002 — 2003

Utah Grizzlies Logo 2002

2005 — Today

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