Milwaukee Admirals Logo

Milwaukee Admirals Logo
The American Hockey League team Milwaukee Admirals is the affiliate of the NHL’s Nashville Predators. The Milwaukee club has gone through a series of logos throughout its more than 50-year history, each new logo being scarier and scarier.

Meaning and history Milwaukee Admirals Logo

Milwaukee Admirals Logo history

The original Milwaukee Admirals logo, which was introduced in advance of the 1977/78 season, featured quite a friendly and fun guy in a military uniform and with his hat over his eyes. The guy was holding a hockey stick.
The character probably lacked the competitive spirit required for a sports logo as it was soon replaced by a determined and aggressive “admiral” with a prominent nose and chin. He was wearing a saber.
In 1997, a logo with only the admiral’s head and the name of the team was adopted, which was replaced by a skeleton’s head logo in 2006. The current Milwaukee Admirals logo is a new, more professional take on the skeleton theme.