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Micro Mobility Systems AG is a Swiss company renowned for pioneering compact, eco-friendly transportation solutions. Founded by Wim Ouboter in Zurich, Switzerland, it’s famous for creating the original Micro Scooter and later, the Microlino electric microcar. The company focuses on developing innovative mobility solutions to address urban congestion and environmental concerns. Their products, characterized by their compact design and efficiency, cater to modern urban transportation needs, promoting a shift towards more sustainable and convenient travel in crowded city environments.

Meaning and history

Micro Mobility Systems AG, founded by Wim Ouboter in Zurich in 1996, sparked a global trend with its Micro Scooters. These scooters were a response to Ouboter’s need for a convenient travel option for “micro” distances. The company’s vision for efficient urban mobility led to the development of the Microlino, an electric microcar, aligning with global environmental concerns. Over the years, the firm has navigated market challenges, showcasing adaptability and commitment to sustainable transport. Its journey is a testament to innovation and resilience in the evolving landscape of urban mobility.

What is Micro Mobility?
In the heart of Zurich, Wim Ouboter’s brainchild, Micro Mobility Systems AG, emerged, championing cutting-edge transport for city dwellers. The firm first made waves with its sleek Micro Scooters and has since forayed into electric mobility with the compact Microlino vehicle, underpinning its ethos of green, space-conscious urban travel.


Micromobility logo

The logo features a bold, oval-shaped design with a stark black background, centering the brand name in a playful arrangement. The “m” and “ro” are white, while a contrasting sky blue colors the “c”. This emblem exemplifies modern simplicity, conveying a sense of dynamism and accessibility in urban mobility.

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