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Eadon Green emerges as a distinct entity in the realm of British automotive craftsmanship, conceived by the visionary Felix Eaton. This marque is synonymous with tailor-made, nostalgically styled conveyances that weave together time-honored motifs with cutting-edge mechanics. Renowned for their singular blend of antique charm and state-of-the-art functionality, these vehicles are a testament to the artisanal and the avant-garde. They cater to aficionados who covet a seamless melding of historical car grace with the finesse of contemporary engineering. With their exclusive manufacturing runs, Eadon Green’s automobiles stand as emblems of vehicular artistry and forward-thinking design.

Meaning and history

Eadon Green, an illustrious British automotive brand, emerged from the vision of Felix Eaton, a designer with a passion for reviving the elegance of 1930s car design. Established with the ethos of blending yesteryear’s charm with today’s technology, the company debuted in the 2010s, instantly garnering attention for its distinctive style. Their cars, reminiscent of classic luxury, are reimagined with modern mechanics, offering a rare fusion of vintage aesthetics and contemporary performance.

Each model is a tribute to automotive artistry, targeting enthusiasts who cherish exclusivity and bespoke craftsmanship. With limited production runs, Eadon Green stands as a beacon of unique automotive innovation, celebrating the fusion of past and present in the realm of luxury vehicles.

What is Eadon Green?
Eadon Green crafts bespoke British cars, blending 1930s allure with modern technology. Led by Felix Eaton, they produce exclusive, sophisticated yet dynamic limited-edition automobiles.


Eadon Green Logo

The logo features a regal crest, central to which is a shield adorned with golden heraldic lions and red floral emblems, suggesting nobility. Above the shield, a knight’s helm with a flourish hints at chivalry, while the word “Integrity” anchors the bottom, encapsulating the brand’s ethos. Encircling this emblem is a metallic ring with the bold inscription “EADON GREEN,” exuding a modern, yet timeless character.

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