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Mastretta is a Mexican automotive company specializing in designing and manufacturing high-performance sports cars. Founded by brothers Daniel and Carlos Mastretta, the company came into the spotlight with its sports car, the Mastretta MXT. The company operates primarily in Mexico but has gained international attention. Mastretta aims to produce vehicles that offer thrilling driving experiences, focusing on lightweight designs and robust engineering.

Meaning and history

Mastretta Logo history

Mastretta was founded in 1987 by Daniel and Carlos Mastretta in Mexico. Initially focused on bus and transportation design, the company transitioned into sports cars and gained fame with their release of the Mastretta MXT in 2011. This lightweight sports car was highly acclaimed for its agility and high performance, putting Mastretta on the map as a competitor in the global sports car market. Some of its major achievements include international media coverage and participation in auto shows around the world, thus elevating the Mexican automotive industry. The company was still actively involved in automotive design, though information on its latest projects was limited.

What is Mastretta?
Mastretta is a Mexican automotive design and manufacturing company. Founded by Daniel and Carlos Mastretta, it gained international fame for its high-performance sports car, the Mastretta MXT. The company focuses on creating lightweight, robust vehicles designed for an exhilarating driving experience.

1987 – 2008

Mastretta Logo 1987

The color palette of the Mastretta logo tells the viewer about its origins as it features the traditional colors of the country. It has the shape of a triangular crest with an arched top and pointed bottom. The left side featured a green vertical stripe while the right had a red stripe. The center had a wider white stripe. It held the name at the top across the center and a checker pattern in the lower half. The name was done using a sans-serif font with thin strokes and tall characters. The checker pattern also tells a little more about the brand, which focuses on high-performance sports cars.

2008 – now

Mastretta Logo

The logo has undergone minimal changes. The most notable update was the way the brand name was printed. It now fully stretched out across the top of the shield and featured a new font with an “A” that had a triangular shape that went well with the checker pattern. The latter, by the way, now had only four, thicker lines on either side, which created a more balanced image. The border of the whole emblem was also made wider to create a more solid brand image.