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Ray Christopher founded Spectre Supersports Limited, a British car manufacturer known for creating Spectre-branded automobiles and kits. These vehicles drew their design ethos from the aerodynamic Group C racing cars, boasting a monocoque chassis and sleek coupe bodies. A mid-mounted Ford V8 engine was the heart of these cars, ensuring robust performance.

Meaning and history

Spectre Supersports, established in 1994 by Ray Christopher in Poole, Dorset, UK, was a unique venture in the automotive industry. The company focused on crafting automobiles and kits, particularly inspired by Group C racing cars. Their hallmark was the monocoque chassis coupled with a coupe body, driven by a powerful mid-mounted Ford V8 engine. The Spectre vehicles, including the notable models R 42 and its evolution R 45, showcased innovative design and performance. The R 45 notably improved on its predecessor with a more advanced chassis and bodywork, and fixed headlights. The production of these distinct vehicles continued until 2009.

What is Spectre?
Spectre was a British automotive manufacturer, founded in 1994 by Ray Christopher. Known for its specialty in creating high-performance vehicles and kits, the company drew inspiration from Group C racing cars. Its vehicles were renowned for their distinctive monocoque chassis and powerful mid-mounted Ford V8 engines. For more detailed information, you can visit the Wikipedia page on Spectre Supersports here.

1994 – 2009

Spectre Supersports Logo

A stylized emblem resembling a mask commands the logo’s center, evoking mystery against a striking blue shield. “SPECTRE” stands out in bold, futuristic lettering below, implying velocity and advancement. The shield’s classic contours convey a sense of tradition, complemented by racing’s iconic checkered pattern and the British flag, symbolizing the brand’s roots in motorsport heritage.

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