Buffalo Bisons Logo

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Buffalo Bisons Logo

It’s perfectly natural that the animal featured on the logo of the baseball team the Buffalo Bisons is a bison. But in what way is the creature unique and how has it been evolving over the years?

Meaning and History logo

Buffalo Bisons Logo history

A team called the Buffalo Bisons started playing in Buffalo, New York, in 1877. It played in the National League more than 135 years ago, from 1879 to 1885.

Buffalo Bisons baseball logo

Part of the International League, today Buffalo Bisons are now known as the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.


Buffalo Bisons Symbol

If you take a look at the transformation of the Buffalo Bisons logo since 1985, you’ll notice that the bison has always looked overtly cartoonish, except for the roundel emblem used in 2009-2012. Its character and mood have been altering over the years. The bison introduced in 1985 was the most aggressive one. The name of the team that was placed next to the creature in the 1985 emblem was removed for the 1988 version, while four years later, it reappeared in a different style. However, the bison still looked very aggressive.

new buffalo bisons logo

The 1998 bison appeared to be smiling, while the 2009 version featured the animal in a very realistic style without an apparent mood.

The 2013 emblem

Buffalo Bisons emblem

Like the bison on the 1985 Buffalo Bisons logo, the current one is also holding a bat in its paws, but this time, its head is tilted less, and because of this simple detail the overall impression is very different.