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Infiniti is a high-end Japanese car brand, which was founded in 1989 and is fully owned and managed by Nissan. The brand operates in more than 50 countries across the globe and is considered to be one of the most popular luxury-vehicles manufacturers.

Meaning and history

Infiniti Logo history

The brand was formed in order to create a new luxury product of the huge Japanese automobile concern, Nissan, to be exported to the USA. The name Infiniti was chosen in 1987 and since then it’s a symbol of elegance and high performance.

The last letter was decided to be “I”, which made the brand name unique and memorable.

1989 – 2004

Infiniti Logo 1989

2004 – now

Infiniti Logo

Color and Font

Infiniti Color

The Infiniti wordmark uses all capital letters executed in a traditional sans-serif font, which is similar to Josef Pro Bold, designed by graphical artist Ingo Zimmermann. It’s straight and clear lines look great with the nameplate’s wide spacing and four latter “l” that visually divide Infiniti into syllables.

The color palette of the Infiniti logo is a traditional monochrome, a reflection of elegance and confidence, the perfect choice for a powerful and progressive company — modest and strong.

The Emblem

Infiniti Emblem

The iconic Infiniti emblem is the most recognizable element of the brand’s visual identity. It is composed of a stylized infinity symbol, which is a horizontally placed numeral 8.

As well as the brand’s name features “I” instead of “Y” in the end, the lemniscate sign features a sharp angle instead of smooth curved lines of the “8”.

The symbol looks like a triangle formed by the first and last letters “I” of the brand’s name. It also represents the road, which extends into the horizon, and Mount Fuji, which is one of the most famous symbols of Japan.

The Infiniti emblem is executed in metallic gray when placed on the vehicles, and the color makes it look even more fine and luxurious. The brand also uses backlight for the badge on some of the models, then the emblem becomes vivid and looks mysterious and chic.

The brand also alternates matte and glossy variations of the car badge, depending on the model and car color, which is a great reflection of individual approach and custom design.

The Infiniti badge is full of meanings and symbolism, it is an outstanding example of the automobile branding, which is modern, stylish, elegant and instantly recognizable.

What does the INFINITI logo mean?
The sleek minimalistic badge of the Infinity car marque is composed of a stylized triangle, inscribed into a horizontally-oriented oval frame, with the bottom side of the figure cut out. This badge was designed by the famous Lippincott Mercer design bureau and is supposed to represent a road, going to the horizon. The triangular shape of the main badge’s element is also a symbol of growth and success. Another possible meaning of the Infinity badge is a tribute to the Fujiyama mountain, as the triangle resembles a mountain peak.

What is the font of the Infiniti logo?
Usually, the futuristic Infiniti logo is used without any lettering, but sometimes the company complements the iconic badge with the wordmark, set in the uppercase of a geometric sans-serif font, which is pretty close to Josef Pro Bold and has something in common with the well-known Frutiger Next Pro.