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Vanderhall is an American manufacturer specializing in three-wheeled autocycles. Founded by Steve Hall in Provo, Utah, Vanderhall’s vehicles blend vintage open-air motoring with modern technology. These unique roadsters are known for their distinctive styling, reminiscent of classic cars, yet equipped with contemporary mechanics and materials. They were created to offer an exhilarating driving experience, combining the thrill of motorcycle dynamics with the stability and comfort of a car. Their lineup includes models like the Venice and the Carmel, each offering a unique blend of performance, luxury, and nostalgia.

Meaning and history

Vanderhall Motor Works, a brainchild of Steve Hall, was born in Provo, Utah, USA. Hall, an automotive enthusiast, aimed to blend the exhilaration of motorcycle riding with the stability of car driving. The company’s journey began in 2010 with a vision to craft unique three-wheeled vehicles. These autocycles, characterized by a distinct retro charm fused with modern technology, quickly carved a niche in the automotive world.

The first model to make waves was the “Vanderhall Laguna”, a blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary performance. Following its success, Vanderhall expanded its lineup with models like the “Venice” and the “Carmel”, each embodying luxury, innovation, and an open-air driving experience. These models stood out for their handcrafted bodies, lightweight frames, and turbocharged engines, offering a unique driving experience.

Vanderhall’s commitment to marrying nostalgia with innovation continued to drive its growth. The company focused on small-scale, quality-centric production, ensuring each vehicle was a testament to their craftsmanship. This approach garnered a dedicated following among those who sought a novel driving experience.

Vanderhall had established itself as a unique player in the automotive industry, known for its artistic design, engineering excellence, and passion for redefining the joy of driving. Their vehicles, often seen as a bridge between the past and the future of motoring, continued to evolve, promising to keep the spirit of adventure alive in the hearts of motoring enthusiasts.

What is Vanderhall?
Vanderhall Motor Works is an innovative American company, renowned for crafting distinctive three-wheeled vehicles, known as autocycles. Merging the thrill of a motorcycle with the stability of a car, Vanderhall’s creations offer a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern performance, captivating the hearts of motoring enthusiasts who crave a novel driving experience.


Vanderhall logo

The logo portrays a shield emblem, bisected by a stylistic, white feather motif against a contrasting dark backdrop. “Vanderhall” is inscribed below in a sleek, modern typeface, reflecting the brand’s fusion of classic inspiration and contemporary design. The emblem evokes a sense of prestige and movement, embodying the company’s dedication to elegance and dynamic performance.